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Beyond Spreadsheets: Achieving Traceability Between S1000D Business Rules & BREX

As the S1000D Specification continues to gain steam, more and more programs are beginning to develop and codify Business Rules. Quite a number of these initiatives are maintaining these rules in programs such as Microsoft’s Excel and Word. While no one is questioning the validity of these rules and the hard work that went into developing them, maintaining them in a spreadsheet or Word file ignores the fact that these rules are living documents and are used to accomplish tasks such as building a BREX (Business Rules eXchange) Data Module, and ACT, PCT, and CCT files.

By maintaining S1000D Business Rules in a spreadsheet or word processing file, business rules and the BREX are disconnected from each other. This results in the additional task of having to create a BREX from scratch and developing a manual process to insure that your Business Rules and BREX rules are always in sync.

This whitepaper explains the problem and provides a solution.
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