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Sales Tax Reporting Add-On

Kahn Mechanical Contractors has been serving Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex businesses since 1974, designing, installing, and servicing mechanical systems for their commercial and industrial clients. Their primary goal is to provide solutions to each customer’s indoor air comfort needs.

Critical Issues.
Kahn Mechanical Contractors wanted to be able to report on the sales tax they had collected within a specific time period.

Their billing system provided reporting of the sales tax that was billed, but not of sales tax that was received. In order to calculate the sales tax they received, they had to review each account and manually calculate the total.

Josh Kahn, Vice President of Service for Kahn Mechanical Contractors, told us that for state government purposes, their company needed to be able to report on the sales tax they had collected in a specific date frame.

Solution Provided.
Crowell Solutions analyzed their billing system and discovered the way the system stored tax information. Then we developed a Sales Tax Received reporting tool. The reporting tool has a Windows user interface and allows Kahn Mechanical Contractors staff to input date range criteria that narrows the results that are returned. Sales tax received is subtotaled for each customer with a grand to total at the end of the report.

Kahn Mechanical Contractors saves time and avoids frustration by using the sales tax reporting add-on.