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Rapid Creation of S1000D Business Rules

Customers in Defense and Aerospace are beginning to utilize S1000D to create, manage, store, and exchange technical data. In order to implement S1000D, customers must develop a set of S1000D Business Rules. Due to the large number of Business Rule decision points in the S1000D specification, this process requires analysis and collaboration between S1000D experts and the project team. Historically, this process has taken many months (even years in some cases) and involved many people in frequent face-to-face meetings.

Crowell Solutions faced a challenge on a joint project with a customer: Our customer needed to rapidly develop custom S1000D Business Rules. S1000D Business Rules determine how content is created, stored, and published. In order to meet the goal of providing quality S1000D Business Rules in an aggressive time frame, we determined that we needed a way to review, collaborate and track our interactions with the customer for each decision. Additionally, in order to minimize the project’s impact on our customer’s time, we wanted to accomplish this collaboration without having to meet in person.

Critical Issues.
Crowell Solutions wanted to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Empower Crowell Solutions analysts and our customer’s content experts to collaborate while making decisions.
  2. Track Business Rule recommendations made by Crowell Solutions as well as feedback from our customers for each decision point.
  3. Provide credential-based access to the system without geographical restrictions.

We envisioned a data-driven system that would allow analysts to enter decision points, provide recommendations, gather customer feedback, and track the decision through each stage of the workflow process. The information entered had to be easy to control, navigate, and update. The workflow for a decision point starts by entering the issue into the system and setting its status as “Open”. Once Crowell Solutions makes a recommendation it is designated as “Ready for Review”. After our client reviews the recommendation they mark it either as “Accepted” or “Rejected.” The client has a comments area to explain their thought process.

Solution Provided.
Crowell Solutions developed an application, DecisionPoint™, which allows analysts to enter business rule decisions, and allows customers review, collaborate, and exchange issues that require decisions. DecisionPoint™ is deployed via the Internet which removes geographical restrictions. DecisionPoint™ may be accessed by any device with Internet access from anywhere in the world. Users are required to have valid credentials to access DecisionPoint™.

DecisionPoint™ allows analysts and customers to collaborate on making complex decisions without the need of elaborate and lengthy meetings. Work is tracked online. Business Rule decision points are easily filtered by chapter or status. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Decision workflow is tracked throughout the process
  • Analysts and customers are able to save a tremendous amount of time and communicate more frequently and more effectively since they no longer have to meet face-to-face to work together in making decisions
  • The system is so intuitive and user friendly that according to our customer, “It is so simple even a child could use it.”

If you are facing the task of developing a set of S1000D Business Rules for your project, group, or program, give us a call at (214) 468-9131. We know how to help.