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ROI for Using an S1000D Business Rules Management Tool

It’s quite common for companies to spend a lot of time and effort on writing, agreeing upon and managing their S1000D business rules; not to mention the time spent on updating BREX data modules whenever authoring rules change.  You can save both time and money by using an S1000D business rules management tool.  Based on our experience, it takes companies an average of 1.5 FTEs over 2.5 years to develop a complete set of acceptable S1000D business rules.

By using a management tool for your rules, it is possible to reduce your time to completion down to 6 months with an average of 0.5 FTE over that shortened timeframe.  Essentially, your return on investment will come out to be nearly 4 FTEs!  If you multiply this by your internal loaded rate, you can easily calculate the cost of completing this effort without a management tool.

Our Math:

Your costs without a business rules management tool:

  • 1.5 FTEs = average FTE working full-time to complete the effort
  • 2.5 years = Duration of business rule development
  • X = your loaded rate
DecisionPoint ROI

Therefore, your cost = 3.75X

For example, if you have a loaded rate of $60/hour your total cost comes out to $468,000:

DecisionPoint return on investment

Your costs with a typical business rules management tool:

  • Software price = $50,000 – $90,000
  • Duration of business rule development = 0.5 years


  • Cost savings:  $418,000 – $378,000
  • Time savings: 2 years

— Kate